Kim Andre Arnesen: Even When He Is Silent
Baylor University Men’s Choir

Ola Gjeilo: The Spheres: Kyrie
Chant Claire Choir

Amazing Grace, arr. Daniel Brinsmead
Salt Lake Vocal Artists; Dr. Brady Allred, Conductor

(Yes, I’m trying to keep the Sunday music going, but I may stop after February.)

Ola Gjeilo: Sanctus: London
Chant Claire Choir

René Clausen: Prayer
Oasis Chorale; Wendell Nisly, Conductor

David Briggs: Oh Lord, Support Us
The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge; Stephen Layton, Conductor; David Briggs, Organ

In our troubled world, (I continue to be shocked by news: you’d think I’d be used to it by now) with so much strife, I think a little Bach would be nice … don’t you?

From the YouTube page:

From the protestant church Trogen in Switzerland
Choir and Orchestra of the J. S. Bach Foundation Rudolf Lutz – conductor & harpsichord Soloists Noëmi Sohn-Nad – soprano Claude Eichenberger – alto Hans Jörg Mammel – tenor Peter Harvey – bass

Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata BWV 111 “Was mein Gott will, das g’scheh allzeit” (What my God wants, may it always happen)
0:48 Chorus: Was mein Gott will, das g’scheh allzeit
5:31 Aria (bass): Entsetze dich, mein Herze, nicht
8:24 Recitative (alto): O Törichter! der sich von Gott entzieht
9:25 Aria (alto, tenor): So geh ich mit beherzten Schritten
15:49 Recitative (soprano): Drum wenn der Tod zuletzt den Geist
17:09 Chorale: Noch eins, Herr, will ich bitten dich

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This site is rather costly. I pay an annual fee. For a long time that was worth it: I was posting daily. I had a schedule for various postings (ACappellaTuesday, BachTrac, MozartMusicMatters and more) that meant the site was constantly changing.

But that’s changed, as the few readers left surely have noticed.

These days I primarily post Sunday music and the very rare blogpost. I seem to have lost the drive to keep it going. Part of that is due to my obsession these days with my photography: the photo site gets much more attention. Oboeinsight hasn’t fully died, but it’s certainly fading away.

Pondering has gone on for quite some time. I don’t want to delete the site completely, but I also don’t want to pay what I’ve been paying to keep it going. So soon I will be moving it. I may lose a lot of posts this way: I really don’t know what to expect. But so it goes.

When I began this blog it was the only one I knew of that was oboe related. Believe it or not I set it up on January 17, 2003. Since then others started to blog. Some have done great sites, others were here and then disappeared. (It takes a good amount of time to keep a blog active!) My readership grew tremendously during my more active blogging years. Since I’ve reduced activity things have dwindled significantly. I’m okay with that. It’s time to move on.

I’m not saying goodbye quite yet, but I’m thinking my oboe blogging days were great fun and it’s time to admit I’m not doing a good enough job to call this an active blog any longer.

Rachmaninov: Blazhen muzh (from All-Night Vigil)
Tenebrae; Nigel Short, Conductor

William Byrd: Vigilate