John Blow: Save me, O God
Cantamus Berlin; Jens Bauditz, Conductor

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
The Living Stones Quartet

Beautiful Morning, arr. John Wykoff
The Missouri State University Chorale; Cameron F. Labarr, Conductor

From 2013:

From February of this year:

Yes. Really. GE made a commercial. GE needs to study instruments. See and read about it here.

Rev. Michael Panachikal V.C.: Thirunama keerthanam
The Living Stones Quartet

The translation I found:
Oh Lord what is the use of tongue for me, if I cant sing your holy name?
Oh Lord what is use of the mouth if I can’t sing your blessings?
Oh Lord what is the use of this Life then?

I shall sing along with the birds who sing and awake the world.
I will sing mixed with the cool breeze which carries the music of the river>

I will sing in a top voice, looking into the eyes of stars that appear (bloom) far on the sky.
I shall sing along with angels when you come at last over the clouds of the sky.

?riks Ešenvalds: Trinity Te Deum (Recording in Ely Cathedral)
Trinity College Choir

For the first time the International Tchaikovsky Competition has added woodwinds to the mix!

I see there are a ton of flutes and three oboists. I’m surprised there are no other instruments represented. You can see the players here.

Update: NO! I’m quite wrong … I just had to click on the “See more competitors” button. TONS more players! There are twelve of each woodwind.

The competition runs from June 17 to the June 29. I look forward to hearing the fine players!

I’m currently watching the Cliburn Junior Piano Competition. I am not a huge fan of competitions — I believe I’ve mentioned that before — but I love watching and hearing these young music makers so much. They are pretty amazing. It’s not just that they play the notes … they play music!

Music is so much more than the notes. It’s the story one is telling. It’s line. It’s color. Without expression I couldn’t care less. These young players make me care.

What will be quite telling is the finalists, who perform with an orchestra. That can really be a challenge Making music on one’s own is different than working with an ensemble. (But hey, they don’t have to think about intonation or reeds!)

If you start with the link below you’ll hear all in the preliminary round, as it goes through the full playlist:

And here is the start of the quarterfinals:

Take it to the Lord in Prayer
Aeolians of Oakwood University
(This was the group that was recently in California, and suffered a bus accident. They all escaped the bus, but the person who ran into the bus was killed.)