… and oboe you just can’t even imagine!

Thank you to John Clark, who sent me this image. This is from a ebay ad for a “Vintage Linton Oboe”


Not a composer I know at all … nor do I know these young musicians. But I hope you enjoy!

Low Shao Ying, piano
Bernice Lee, oboe
Zang Jion, clarinet

Jean-Louis LeRoux, a gifted and versatile musician whose long career in San Francisco and abroad encompassed stints as an instrumentalist, conductor, teacher and musical entrepreneur, died on Wednesday, Sept. 21, at his San Francisco home. He was 89.

Over the course of several decades in the Bay Area and elsewhere, Mr. LeRoux pursued a remarkable range of musical activities. He served as principal oboist for the San Francisco Symphony, and later as conductor of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra.


Angel Band, arr. Kirchner
Atlanta Master Chorale; Dr. Eric Nelson, Conductor

Arvo Pärt: The Deer’s Cry
The Erebus Ensemble

Byrd: Sing Joyfully
Countertop Ensemble: Allison Mondel & Emily Noel, Soprano; Chris Dudley (Director) & Kristen Dubenion-Smith, Alto; Joe Regan & Jerry Kavinski, Tenor; Doug Yocum & Karl Hempel, Bass

Robert Robinson: Come, Thou Fount (arr. Mack Wilberg)
Atlanta Master Chorale

Parry: I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me
Atlanta Master Chorale; Dr. Eric Nelson, Conductor; Jonathan Easter, Organ

Turn the sound up. Please.


Then listen again.

In the still night, at first watch,
A voice began to lament.
The night wind sweetly and gently
Carried the sound to me.
From bitter suffering and sadness
My heart has melted;
I have watered all the flowers
With my pure tears

The beautiful moon wants to set and
May never rise again because of its pain.
The Stars let their twinkle die;
They want to weep with me.
Neither a birdsong nor a sound of joy
Can be heard in the air.
The wild animals grieve also with me
On rocks and in ravines

Idan Raichel – In stiller Nacht, Andreas Scholl & soloists of Morphing Chamber Orchestra
NOSPR Gorczycki Festival 22.11.2014 – Poland

When I find sacred music that hits me I usually save it for a Sunday Morning or Evening post.

I just can’t wait. I have to share this now. Because.

Arvo Pärt: Vater unser
Andreas Scholl and soloists of Morphing Chamber Orchestra