Knut Nystedt: Gloria
Lithuanian Academy of Music Mixed Choir; Dainius Puisys, Conductor

William Byrd: Sing Joyfully
National Youth Chamber Choir; Ben Parry, Conductor

I was talking to a student yesterday about knowing something so well that, should nerves kick in, my fingers just take over and play the notes. Sometimes it catches me by surprise, to be honest. It seems almost as if they magically do the job.

It’s not really magic. It’s practice. Careful, lengthy practice.

It’s work.

Students frequently accept mistakes. They make the same ones over and over. I hear the “I always do that!”, as if that makes it okay. Or at least accepted. Or expected.

Don’t accept. Don’t expect. It’s not okay.


Slow, methodical, careful practice is a good thing. Get passages in your fingers. Nerves kick in and you just don’t want to fall apart. Like dominoes. One goes down, they frequently ALL go down. If you get something in your fingers incredibly well they carry through. It might surprise you, but it’s true!

I guess I can’t get enough of this group!

From the YouTube notes:
New l’Arpeggiata album out 23 October, 2015.
In L’Amore innamorato Christina Pluhar’s ensemble L’Arpeggiata and sweet-voiced sopranos Nuria Rial and Hana Blažíková offer us a gem, a rarity that cleverly borrows the title of a mysterious opera by Cavalli, thought to have been lost or perhaps never premiered. Bonus DVD included.

Dan Forrest: Benedictus, Blessed is the Lord
Ensemble Leszczynski; Geoffroy Vançon, Director

Jakub Blycharz: Bonum est praestolari, cum silentio salutare Dei (It is good that one should wait with silence for the salvation of God.)
Soprano: Katarzyna Firsowicz (solo), Marta Furmanek, Elzbieta Gracz Magdalena Kozlowska
Alto: Anna Groborz, Catherine Moskiewicz, Krystyna Potoczna, Agnieszka Wojcik
Tenor: Piotr Frankowski, Peter Iwanski, Marek Nowak
Bass: Maciej Firsowicz, Krzysztof Groborz, Ermanno Martini, Stanislaw Wozny
Arkadiusz Kozlowski, Conductor

When I wrote before about my final symphony concerts I said I might write more later.

I guess later has arrived.

Here’e the thing: I have a crazy brain. My husband suggests it’s a “lose-lose” thing with me. He’s probably right!

During the week some people complimented me. Ack! Danger danger … I get so nervous then. I fear that I will then go downhill and disappoint them and they won’t be able to look me in the eye. The conductor was so very gracious he complimented me and even said, “I love you!” (in that friendly, “you are doing well” way, not in the genuine “love” way, of course). THAT, too, terrified me! How could I do anything but disappoint him now?!

Then there are the others. The majority of people who say nothing. My brain starts saying they are not saying a word because I am just too embarrassing, I’m so awful.

See what I mean? LOSE-LOSE for sure!

Oh … and the person who asked, “So are those solos hard?”

I mull that one over and over. “Does he mean they are sounding really hard?” I wonder. “Is he trying to give me an excuse for poor playing?”

That being said (written)…

I still have a feeling the concerts went well. People have been kind, in any case. BUT (yep, the CrazyPattyBrain© never stops) as we get further and further away from those concerts I start to think I probably wasn’t as good as I hoped.

And that’s it, folks. Me. In a NUTSHELL!

I’ve learned to accept the negative voices, and then shove them out of the brain. They continue to try and make appearances, but I know I just have to ignore them. I’ve been doing this since 1975, after all. I’ve learned a wee bit. Maybe.

Now I have a summer off (aside from the 4th of July concerts) to ponder that concert and start thinking about next year.

Meanwhile … let there be music …(and a lot of ellipses) …

Not related at all to the above, but just because I like it:

Stellenbosch University Chamber Choir under the leadership of Martin Berger (unfortunately we aren’t given the name of the clarinetist)

Composer: Antoni Schonken: Negester en Stedelig
Poet: D.J. Opperman

Performed by Stellenbosch University Chamber Choir under the leadership of Martin Berger.

I found a translation … I hope it’s close to correct!

By which map or star
can I point you safely through the wasteland?

Remember always
Your deeds touch eternity;
Bestow meaning on those who have gone before,
Know that you are a lone fighter again, from the beginning;
And may the Southern Cross and Nine Stars forever outshine
The city lights in your soul.

Byrd: Exalt Thyself O God
Quire Cleveland; Ross W. Duffin, Conductor

William Byrd: Haec dicit Dominus
Quire Cleveland; Ross W. Duffin, Director