Hallelujah, arr. by Shawn Kirchner
Missouri State Chorale

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I used to play this a lot when I was younger … I just love playing Telemann: I think he sits well for oboe fingers. I confess, though, that I never memorized it.

Telemann oboe sonata in A minor, TWV 41:a3
Bernice Lee, Oboe

I love Ravel’s Le tombeau de Couperin, and playing the second oboe/English horn part is truly a delight, and a whole lot less stressful than that tricky first oboe part!

These young players sure do a fine job! Kudos especially to oboist Juan Manuel García-Cano!

From the YouTube page (you can probably do the translating thing, yes?):
Le tombeau de Couperin. Ravel. Orquesta de Cámara SONY de la Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía de Madrid. Director/Conductor: JAIME MARTÍN. Primer oboe/First oboe: Juan Manuel García-Cano. Junio/June 2011.
Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid. Sála de Cámara/Chamber Music Hall.

This is one very good 12 year old musician! He certainly gets the expressivity of the music down!

(Choosing to do the Marcello on three instruments is an interesting idea and a bit of a gimmick, really. I don’t care for it for a number of reasons, but he’s fine player, to be sure.)

From the YouTube page:

Timothy Yahnov, 12, St. Petersburg. Timothy plays the oboe. He studies at the School of Music at St. Petersburg College of Music. Rimsky-Korsakov. Acts in the ensemble and as part of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, in addition engaged in piano and vocals. In the future, he plans to master the oboe d’amore, baroque oboe and oboe da Caccia. In his spare time he likes to ride a bike.

All issues of succession: https:? //www.youtube.com/playlist list …

The official channel of the contest All-Russian competition of young talents “Blue Bird”.
The main objective of the competition – to open up new names of young artists, who in a few years will become world stars. “The Blue Bird” will help materialize the dreams of the young participants!
Every child is talented in his own way. But there are children who are already at a young age affect the surrounding rare musicality, sense of rhythm, plasticity, sharp movements.
For the first time in the history of Russian television in the performance of children in the same competition presents all the major types of contemporary performing arts: solo singing – classical, folk and pop, playing musical instruments – academic and folk choreography – classical ballet, ballroom and folk dance, circus arts and some other genres.

This is one of my most favorite moments in the Bach St. Matthew Passion … something about that first entrance by the chorus just shocks me every time.

So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen

J.S. Bach: Partita for solo oboe in G Minor. BWV 1013
Juan Manuel García-Cano Ruiz

From the YouTube page (with some translation issues**, as his first name is actually Vyatkin and I don’t know what “A body Sidelnikov” means but I’m betting someone out there can help me!):
I.S.Bah- “Adagio” from the Easter Oratorio
In Vyatkin oboe.
A body Sidelnikov

** Just realized Chrome was translating the page for me automatically, which explains the problems with the translation! Oops!

I know that Timothy Gocklin is the oboist, but no other names are provided.

From the YouTube page: This performance took place on February 8, 2015 in Morse Recital Hall at the Yale School of Music.

I’d never heard of this work, much less the composer. I’d love to perform this sometime! I think it was originally for French horn but perhaps included an “or English horn” on the front page. I’ve not seen the music since it’s not available on imslp in the US yet and I’m careful not to download things that are still under copyright.

Robert Kahn: Serenade, Opus 73 for Oboe, English horn and Piano
Alexey Konoplyannikov, oboe; Alexey Sorokin, English horn; Vera Almazova, piano

Sorry this is late! I forgot to hit post, I guess.

Rudolf Mauersberger: Wie liegt die Stadt so wüst
Windsbacher Knabenchor

How lonely lies Jerusalem,
once so full of people!
The city gates stand empty,
the stones of the holy place lie strewn
upon the grass before it.
He sent fire from above,
a fire that burns inside me.
Is this the city of which they say,
it is the most beautiful of all,
over which the whole country rejoices?

She did not think
that she would come to this
Her downfall was terrible;
no one can comfort her.
This is why we are sick at heart
and can hardly see through our tears.

Why have you abandoned us so long?
Will you ever remember us again?
Bring us back to you, Lord,
so that we may come home.
Bring us back!
Restore our ancient glory.
Lord, see my misery
O Lord, see my misery.

(Lamentations: 1/ 1,4,13; 2/ 15; 1/9; 5/ 17,20,21,1)