I think something is wrong with one of my teeth. It reacts to any sort of liquid, and I no longer chew on that side because it gives me a bit ‘o pain.

Thing is, I really can’t see the dentist until I’m through with the jobs I have right now; I don’t want to take a chance on anything going wrong. (Like the time he came to close to a nerve and half of my tongue was numb for four months. Nope. Not gonna take that chance!)

What a nuisance.


  1. Do you have a silver filling in that tooth? If so, it might be expanding, which causes your tooth to get hairline cracks, which causes the kind of pain you’re talking about. The only reason I know this is that it’s happened with most of my back teeth. Cure? A nice $750 crown. Ouch.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I have a filling in that tooth … don’t know if it’s silver. (Are they all silver? Might it be something else? I dunno!) But I DID think there was something going on with the filling, because I’m also getting that yucky metalic sensation when I put my tongue on the tooth … so obviously something is awry there.

    What a nuisance. I simply CAN’T go in until I’ve finished with my concerts, and I have things through the 15th of next month now. Ugh.

    Thanks, Nina, for the message though. I suspect you are correct, and at least I’ll just live with this for the time being. (I THINK I can manage!)