17. July 2005 · Comments Off on A Little Mention · Categories: imported, Ramble

I have been mentioned on (or is that in?) the Hurd Audio blog. He writes:

I do wonder what would happen if the respective economics of orchestras and baseball switched places. In such a world Patricia Mitchell would be an all-star oboe player making ten million dollars a year with her very own bobble-head doll and trading cards. And the Yankees would be struggling to pay for their own road trips while they attempt to market games to a younger audience without alienating the blue-haired old ladies who faithfully subscribe every season (even though several quit coming after they introduced that “modern” designated hitter rule).

Oooh. A bobble-head doll. Cool! Trading cards sound fine too. (That’s actually been done by at least one orchestra.) I wonder, though, if I’d need to learn how to spit. I’m not very good at spitting. And I don’t chew tobacco or gum.

The great thing would be the averages. We’d have pretty darn high averages, you know? Much higher than a ball player has.

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