ACD sent me an email because … well … read it here and you’ll see (hope this is okay with ACD, as I didn’t ask. Do tell me if it’s not, please!) …

I can’t figure out how to access your comments section on your blog to leave a comment to a post (I’ve tried everything in sight), so…

Your spellchecker flagged “bandaid” because it’s not spelled bandaid, but Band-Aid (it’s the name of a proprietary product; note the uppercase as well).

Two things:
1) One reason some folks can’t leave a message is because they have a firewall set up. If you get an error message about a referrer or some such thing. If you turn that product off (Dan suggests it might be a Norton product you are using) you might then be able to leave a message.
2) I knew that Band-Aid was a trademarked word, but I just figure bandaid was a word, and I guess it’s not. Go figure.

It should be, don’t you think?

… and thanks, ACD!


  1. Jennifer Grucza

    I just figured out how to leave a comment.  Apparently, you have
    to create an account (look for “Join Now” under “Membership” at the
    bottom of the left-hand column).  Then a comment form appears
    where you would expect on the Discuss page.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hi Jennifer! Yes, indeed, one must become a member of this happy little site. It’s silly, I’m sure, but I have no control over this; I looked to see if there was a way to say that no membership was required to post messages. No such choice. Oh well.

    I also don’t like the way the discussion “stuff” is managed. Since I’m replying to YOUR message, the discussion “count” will still appear as 1 on the main page. This seems stupid to me.

    (But can a stupid person recognize stupidity? Hmm. Perhaps not. So maybe I’m too stupid to recognize something that is really wise. Oh dear … rambling here ….)

    Anyway, welcome! Hope you enjoy the rambling and whining and the occasional snippets of wisdom (only because I have music quotes from other folks!). 🙂