28. July 2005 · Comments Off on I Love This Idea! · Categories: imported, Quotes

Reading Greg Sandow today: I love the first story in this blog entry. What a great idea!

The second two stories (do I call them stories? Somehow that seems wrong.) aren’t so uplifting, but are stories that do need to be mentioned. 1) Foundations aren’t all that hip on giving money to the classical music scenes these days and 2) classical music folk aren’t sure whether to be honest or not about the problems with “where we’re at and where we’re goin'”. (My words in quotations, not Sandow’s, so if you use ’em, be sure and quote me. Hah! That’ll be the day: quotes from PEM.)

Don’t look now, but The Giants are ahead. They lost yesterday, but the day I was worried (see this) they managed to win … and without me watching, as I had to head for bed before the 11th inning (or was that 11th hour?).

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