I honestly don’t understand the whole Carnival of Music thing, but Scott’s Carnival of Music post is pretty darn hilarious.

I know that the blogger who is hosting links to a bunch of different music blogs, but I’m not sure if the blogger chooses the links, or if the other folks request to be linked, or if it’s a little of both. I figure I’m not quite the intellectual blog they link to, so I’ve not paid a great deal of attention to how it all works, but having just finished the latest Harry Potter book I really cracked up reading Scott’s clever post. (And you don’t have to worry about spoilers.)


  1. Scott Spiegelberg

    Thanks, though I’m amazed that you read it so soon after I posted.  I chose some of the links, and others were recommended to me, by the author or by third-parties.  I don’t think there is any particular bias towards a specific type of blog, at least not at the Carnival level.  There of course will be biases by each host or nominator, but that should even out over time.  So nominate some of your posts, or any other posts you like.  Or host a Carnival!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m notified whenever those I have on my little list of blogs I read has any new entry.

    It’s doubtful that I’d ever nominate any of my posts. Not my nature. Can’t say exactly why ….