Terry Teachout is ill and so now I’m wondering …

Is it possible to catch something over the internet?! Because I think I have what he has.

Heh. Just kidding. Dan (my husband) was ill and I probably caught it from him, unless we both caught it from someone else. (If that’s the case we’d like to hunt that person down. As soon as we are up and running again. Not sure what we’d do, though. Maybe just force the person to listen to a whole lot of Glazunov ballet music or something. But maybe that’s just punishment for ME?) Fortunately I’m not quite as sick as Dan was at his prime of sickness, but I think that’s because I’m a hardy oboe player.

Or something.

So anyway, I do hope, Mr. Teachout, that you recover quickly. (I hope I do too!)

And I’m very happy to announce that my sick iBook is sick no longer; Dan “healed” it with a new hard drive treatment. For those of you who don’t back up for about a month, take my advice; do it now! I lost a whole lotta mail because my last backup was on July 23. Sigh. And if you sent me any important messages between July 23 and August 19 you might want to resend.


  1. Great.  So you think you catch something from Terry and then you hightail it over to my place and leave me comments?

    If I get sick in the next day or so…. I’m coming to California!


  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Hah! You DID make me laugh! But yes … c’mon over! I’ll gladly offer you some kleenex and tylenol. 😉

    Or maybe a nice glass ‘o wine instead. Yes. That would be better, don’tcha think?