12. September 2005 · Comments Off on Another Scam Email · Categories: imported, Ramble

I received this message this morning:

Hello Teacher,
Good day to you.My name is Anita Gatlin based in Netherland.My son(20years of age) will be coming to the united state for a 2 month holiday and he will stay with my elder brother.While he his there,i want him to attend your teaching class on the musical instrument specified in the subject.I want you to e-mail me the modalty of the programme,rate/hr,number of hours a day,your location ,duration of the lesson and other things necessary for a smooth learning.Please get back to me asap.

Anita Gatlin


So not only is this scam annoying, but I continue to receive variations on a theme. Part of me wants to write back and tell the sender I charge $300 per lesson and they can send a deposit, American cash only, to me in advance. The smarter part of me is just trashing the message, though. (No need to let the sender know a real person is reading this junk!)

I wonder if anyone has actually fallen for this.

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