Symphony Silicon Valley has launched its new website. Check it out, and then email me or click on Discuss below and let me know what you think!

And hey … buy a ticket or two to our upcoming concert!


  1. What I think is:
    1) I don’t like non-box pull-down menus on web sites, which are transparent on my browser and thus hard to read.
    2) When I talked with a SSV person about their web site some time ago,
    I suggested that they archive the concert lists from past
    seasons.  It would be entertaining to see, it would help new
    readers to get a sense of the symphony’s programming, and it would help
    poor reviewers like me remember what got played the last time that
    conductor visited.  But if they have done so, I can’t find it.
    3) It’s great that they’re doing a chamber music concert.  But I
    wish they would, or could, list the program.  This is the first
    thing I want to know about any concert: not who’s performing (sorry) or
    even the date and time, but what are they going to play.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    1) Are they always transparent, or is it just certain ones, I wonder? They work for me on all the browsers I use. I’m curious — what are you using? (I use Safari and Firefox, and I check IE even though I don’t use it.)

    2) They might do the archive, but I’m guessing that for now they are trying to get current and future events up and running. I remember, when I was music librarian of San Jose Symphony (RIP), that no one had kept a record of past concerts. I was horrified. I found boxes of old programs and put together a past history that was absolutely fascinating to read. I still wonder where my work wound up. (Probably the trash. Sigh.)

    (I’m really sorry, now, that I haven’t kept programs from my concerts, including San Jose Symphony (RIP), Symphony Silicon Valley, Opera San José, American Musical Theatre of San Jose, Best of Broadway and San Jose Chamber Orchestra and of course all the freelance stuff. But, alas, I did not. Very foolish of me. It not only helps reviewers, but helps us with our bios! Too late now. I hate regrets.)

    3) I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the chamber concert has yet to be finalized. I certainly haven’t heard any news, and I would guess the players would be told what was being played (not that all of us will be involved, of course!). I’ll ask around and see what I can find out.

    I’m getting the impression you are a bit disgruntled? (Are people gruntled sometimes? I guess they must be!) But perhaps I’m misreading … I do that easily. It’s merely that the 3 posts you made today seemed … well … perhaps a wee bit unhappy with what I’d put up or whatever.

    Then again, I’m an oboist. We can be a bit overly sensitive!