24. September 2005 · Comments Off on Time to Update & More · Categories: imported, Ramble

I’ve been putting it off, but it’s really time to update the right side of this page; some of the blogs I’ve listed haven’t been updated for so long I’m assuming the blogger has left the planet. I think, too, that I may think differently about how to list the blogs — I might even break the music blogs into categories. We’ll see.

But … and here’s where readers can help … if any of you have other blogs to recommend, or if you know anything about the ones I have here that have gone stagnant, fill me in! Please?

We have Sunday’s final performance of Opera San José’s The Crucible and then it’s time to move over to Symphony Silicon Valley. Did any of my students see the opera? Have any of you purchased tickets for the Symphony? Do any of you go to live concerts at ALL?! I’m dismayed when I hear that a student has never seen a live professional concert. If you are taking oboe, which is, primarily, a symphonic instrument, why not attend a performance now and then, eh? I am thinking, in fact, of making this a requirement if you’d like to continue taking lessons with me. (Shoot, I’ve even offered complimentary tickest in the past! Rarely does someone take me up on the offer) Opera has quite the deal, by the way; go to the box office an hour prior to the performance and you can get $10 tickets for students! How can you beat that?

So think about it. And buy a ticket or two.

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