The first review of the Symphony Silicon Valley concert is up. I don’t agree with all of it, but when do I ever agree completely with a review?! And no, I won’t tell you what I disagree with. Sorry! (If you really want to know what I disagree with, email me and ask. I might tell you.)

There will be more reviews, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow we play portions of the concert plus a bit of Superman music for two children’s concerts. I just found out I’ll be playing first, so I have to get there early and have a look-see at some parts. Never a dull moment in oboeland.


  1. If I’m reviewing a concert, I never read other reviews until I’ve
    written my own.  I agree with Seymour about some things and
    disagree about others.  You’ll see.

    One non-musical matter I emphatically disagree with him about: he
    thinks SSV is a cut-price ensemble because it didn’t open the season
    with a fancy gala.  I hate galas – I’m here for the music
    – so I thank him for reminding me.  I’ve inserted an extra
    sentence in my review praising management for emphasizing the
    music-making and not the show.  One cutesy event like the
    venue-opening concert last year was fine, but one was enough.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I would hope all reviewers would stick to not reading anything until they’ve done their own work; I would guess reading others’ work might sway the writer in some way, whether he or she wanted it to or not. (And maybe even if he or she was entirely unaware of it.)

    Galas are for patrons and some miss it while others don’t. Some sort of “shindig” does make it feel like the beginning of a season, I must confess. For some reason this didn’t feel like a beginning to me, and I’m not sure why since we don’t go to the pre-concert bashes if they happen. Even the playing of Star Spangled Banner didn’t make it feel that way to me. Maybe it has to do with opera beginning first.

    Does it matter? I don’t know! I usually like the feel that we are beginning again. It could be that I like the feel of a new season in the same way I liked the beginning of a new school year … I always got new clothes for the first day, and I want to have a “new something” for the symphony season as well. I’m odd that way, I suppose. (I’m odd in oh so many ways, though!)