From The Standing Room blog on Dr. Atomic we are told

1:15am Update: Stop reading about Doctor Atomic right now, and just go see it. Or rather, read Alex’s New Yorker preview and don’t read anything else, and then go see it. I bet you never imagined that an opera could have a spoiler. (I did too much reading ahead of time and regret it immensely.)

I plan on doing just that. I have Alex’s article. I’ve looked at just a few blurbs here and there, but I’ve not read much and after hearing that there might be spoilers I’m just going to avoid all things Atomic for now.

A week from today we’ll be going. I can wait. I don’t need to read more. I have great self-control and I am not easily tempted.


  1. I am so jealous!  I live in Baltimore, and am working on possibly attending the Oct. 22nd (final SF) performance. 

    Enjoy!  (and don’t come back and spoil it for the rest of us!)

  2. I take it back!  When you get back, tell us all about it, and then, hopefully, when I get back, we could compare notes!

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Believe me, if I write anything it shouldn’t give anything away! 🙂

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Ah … so you ARE going? Great!