04. October 2005 · Comments Off on The Name · Categories: imported, Ramble

So ACB asked, in regards to the post below, “Well… which is it?!”

My response: Heh. In these postmodern times shall I say that it is up to the reader to determine what it is and whatever he or she decides is correct?

That gets me off the hook, anyway! 😎

Seriously, I go back and forth on what it is. Some days I think I have a bit to say and then I can confidently (well, as confidently as this insecure person can be) say that it’s “insight”. Some days it’s merely that the oboe is out and I can see it.



Begging me to give it attention.

And sometimes it’s both: The oboe is clearly in sight. I’m practicing. Things feel good. The oboe and I are one instrument. And insights arrive.

Those are the best of days.

But I still love seeing what other bloggers call the site. And I am happy with whatever they do, honest and true. I am just delighted to be listed at others’ sites.

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