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… you received two quotes in one day. I couldn’t resist putting up the second. It is, after all, an oboe quote! I don’t find those very often.

So anyone have a view on this? I remember hearing an audition some time ago where a oboist played (behind the screen) and while we could tell he or she was talented we knew the sound and approach wouldn’t work for our orchestra. It sounded like the person had been trained overseas somehwere. The vibrato was a bit wild. The tone wasn’t as dark as the “American sound”. And yet I did enjoy the differences. There was some sort of “new life” there. But what can you do? Blend is important. We can’t have one individual in a section that has such a glaringly different tone and approach. As a soloist it could work, but not in our orchestra setting. Or at least I don’t think so. Anyone want to disagree?

About the Ellington quote … you’ll be seeing more of his, along with Amram, who is also being played at the next Symphony Silicon Valley concert. I’d give you a Gerswin quote as well, but so far I’ve only found one and it’s about women, not music. 🙂

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