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Tuesdays I spend the majority of my day (all of my morning, and, what with recital rehearsals I’m here until 3:00) in Santa Cruz. After dropping of our son, Jameson, I go over the hill, because going home seems silly, there’s not quite enough time to go to AVAC, and I figure a “quiet” (sort of) morning with a cup ‘o latté can be a joy. I get here around 8:30 and I actually don’t have to be up on campus until 10:00, so I have about an hour and 1/4 here. It’s nice. I like relaxing. I like being alone in a room full of people. Don’t ask me why; I doubt I could explain!

But Jameson begins school 20 minutes later than last year. This gets me to the coffee shop 20 minutes later (duh). And 20 minutes is making a huge difference; the place is as crowded as can be!

I just may have to search for a new coffee shop, although I feel a bit of loyalty to the folks here. I suppose I can just drive faster (Heh, that’ll be the day; I’m a “set the car at 50 and don’t speed sort going over the hill — I’ve never had a speeding ticket and I don’t plan on getting one—ever.), or patiently stand over some poor coffee drinker and make him or her so uncomfortable that the person finally leaves. I mean, who do these people think they are, staying so long at the place … me? (They are allowed to sit, but does it have to be for so long?!) They aren’t me?! This is MY place. This is MY day. And I want it back.

Seize the day, they say. I’m trying … but these folks are taking it from me. 😉

What does this have to do with music, though? Um … well, I usually make my first post of Tuesday morning from this place.

And yes, a place just opened up for me. It’s 8:38 now. And this is my first post of this now Santa Cruz foggy day. (I love fog. Fog is a Good Thing.)

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