At least one person absolutely hated the concert last night. (Email me if you want to read more.) I can say here that it’s certainly good we are all hardened musicians who never take anything personally!* 😉

I’m guessing reviews might say much of what this blogger said. And seriously, I actually expected the majority of the audience to be very unhappy with the concert. We seem to get primarily the over 50 crowd (of which I am soon to become a member … yikes!), and I’m guessing most come to hear the three Bs with a bit of M thrown in. (And I’m not talking Mahler.) Some might say jazz is inappropriate for a symphony. Some, like the blogger mentioned above, don’t care for jazz. My dad wouldn’t want anything with saxophone, and he’s not alone; many think that saxophone doesn’t belong on a symphony stage.

I still say trying something new is a good thing, even if some new things don’t manage to satisfy the entire audience. I just hope we don’t get trashed too harshly. I wonder if we need thicker skin than critics, who seem to have very thick skins indeed.

*There is only one sentence from one review that refers to me that I have by memory, and I’ve been doing this stuff since 1975. It is, of course, a BAD sentence: “The overture was marred only by the bland English horn solo.” Naw … I don’t take anything to heart. Not I!


  1. Well, I’m certainly sympathetic to the “negative vibes” that you recieved, as I perform several times per week myself, but the “sax thing” side-comment bothers me. Personally – and to be clear; the oboe and english horn (And that lovely D’amore variant of the oboe) are my favorite wind instruments – I still think the soprano sax should be a standard member of the symphony orchestra’s wind section. It has a gorgeous tone and a unique timbre, which can be used to brilliant effect if one knows how to score for it. But then, my undergrad degree was in jazz comp, so I have a notorious soft spot for saxes in general, and the soprano speciffically.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Please know I was giving my father’s (and others’) opinion of the sax! I have no problem at all with it in an orchestra when a composer calls for it. (I don’t want it added to Beethoven, mind you!)

    I have a friend who composed an absolutely wonderful work for English horn, soprano sax, and strings. I was honored to premiere the work. It’s a fabulous work!