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I know that hearing is a big concern with musicians. We are exposed to extremely loud volumes, and sometimes for too long of a time. In the orchestras where I work we have sound shields, and Symphony Silicon Valley also has earplugs for those who want them. (I find using earplugs to be nearly impossible. I’ve only used them for a few things, and only in works that don’t feature me in any important way. The minute I put them in I hear myself far too much, including hearing my tongue strike the reed.) But there’s news about an orchestra that is having rotating musicians, even, so the article states having some musicians come into the ballet pit during a ballet. Reading this: “The orchestra that begins a particular performance isn’t necessarily the same one that finishes it,” just astounds me. I am all for saving our hearing, but there has got to be a better way. Don’tcha think?

I just signed up at emusic.com for 50 free downloads. Pretty cool. (And I guess if I’d gone through another site I would have even managed to get 100 from what I heard earlier today. Oh well. Too late now; I thought going straight to the source was better, but maybe not. I foolishly didn’t check to see how many freebies I was being given until I had finished signing up.) Now the question is, what should I get!? If I were into pop music 50 songs might seem like a lot, but one opera or mass can take up a lot of those freebies. So I’m taking suggestions and I’ll mull them all over. Anyone care to send me a suggestion or two?

Update: Or, instead of email, just use the discuss option below this entry (membership to this site required).

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The Christmas CD playing has begun. I’m still finding it difficult to move into December, and to even think of shopping, but at least I’ve got the music going now.

Currently in the 5 CD changer and set to shuffle:

Kathy Matea’s Good News
Precious Child (Guy Clark, Ashley Cleveland, Michael Johnson, Craig Bickhardt, Kim Parent, Janis Ian, Thom Schuyler, Vince Gill, Dan Seals, Fred Knobloch, Mike Reid, Russ Taff, Dave Loggins, Maura O’Connell)
Christmas with Maureen McGovern
The Story of Christmas (Swingle Singers)
Sing We Christmas (Chanticleer)

Yeah, I like a variety of Christmas music. I have classical, jazz, pop, children’s, and even some sort of remix thing that is pretty darn cool and even A Star Wars Christmas. I continue to see CDs I think I “need” and then realize that perhaps the over 50 CDs I have is enough for the season. Ya think?

Please note, however: I never listen to The Nutcracker. Never!

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.