I just signed up at emusic.com for 50 free downloads. Pretty cool. (And I guess if I’d gone through another site I would have even managed to get 100 from what I heard earlier today. Oh well. Too late now; I thought going straight to the source was better, but maybe not. I foolishly didn’t check to see how many freebies I was being given until I had finished signing up.) Now the question is, what should I get!? If I were into pop music 50 songs might seem like a lot, but one opera or mass can take up a lot of those freebies. So I’m taking suggestions and I’ll mull them all over. Anyone care to send me a suggestion or two?

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  1. How do you get 100? (Maybe you can sign your husband up for another 100?)

  2. Thanks! I promise to download some oboe music… 😉