Steve Hicken, of listen asked a good question and I must apologize. I should always list all the composers when I’m talking about a concert, but I was too darn lazy to get up and find the program. I now have it in hand so I can give all the details. Here is the full program:

Ferdinand the Bull by Mark Fish (1998)
Roscoe Lee Browne, Narrator; Michael Graham, Cello; Aileen Chanco, Piano

B.B. Wolf (An Apologia) by Jon Deak (1982) for solo double bass and narrative
Bill Everett, Double Bass

L’Histoire du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky (1918)
Roscoe Lee Brown, Joseph (the Soldier) and the Devil; Sherri Phelps, Narrator; Robin Mayforth, Violin; Ginger Kroft Barnetson, Clarinet; Dan Norris, Cornet; Chris Vincenti, Trombone; Carolyn Lockhart, Bassoon; Bill Everett, Double Bass; Galen Lemmon, Percussion

There. Done.

Some friends of ours attended the concert as well, and we’ve now learned that there is another version of Ferdinand with narrator; they had expected to hear that. I think I’ll try to look it up later.

I loved the Stravinsky, as I mentioned before. My favorite moment is the Chorale … especially when the narration is included.


  1. Ooh! I LOVE L’Histoire! Cool.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    It’s a great work, isn’t it TD? Hmmm. Or should I say “nearly great” since he omitted the oboe. I’m sure if a player had been around …? (Surely the oboe is the finest instrument ever!? Everyone must agree with that, yes? 😉