A short time ago a singer, Canadienne, blogged about not blogging for a while. She may not come back at all, in fact (although I enjoy her blog and certainly hope that she does). Then Anne-Carolyn over at The Concert blogged in reaction to Canadienne’s post. Both are worth reading.

And of course I think about this stuff as well.

I don’t receive the emails some bloggers do— no people are asking for my autographed picture or anything. (And I don’t think asking a singer for an autographed picture is all that bizarre … but asking for an oboist’s picture would surely be!) I don’t get a whole lot of responses to posts, in fact. That’s okay.

I blog because I teach and I want students to understand this “glamorous life” for what it is. I blog to show, I hope, both the wonderfully good and the woefully stressful things about being on stage and in the pit. I blog because I really do love what I do. I blog because I think some concert goers enjoy seeing what goes on in the mind of a (perhaps crazy) oboist. I blog because it’s a bit cathartic sometimes. I blog just because sometimes.

But I don’t blog to air dirty laundry. I don’t blog to badmouth anyone else in my field. I’ve worked for stars and with colleagues who were less than pleasant. (Some were a genuine pain in the butt.) But I won’t talk about them here. This is, after all, about me! (Kidding. Sort of.) I refuse to expose anything that should be left unexposed. I try, as much as I’m able, to only write about the good, the interesting, and, if it’s about me, the terribly goofy. I’m also willing, as everyone has seen, to write about my own fears and foibles. If I see these things in other musicians, and I do, I leave it to them to write about it or leave it a secret. I will write about great performances, and I don’t hesitate to comment on colleagues who have “wowed” me with their music making. Heck, we all need kudos now and then. This is no easy business we are in.

While I get very few comments (but oh how I love it when you do comment!) in the discussion area, I do hear from a fairly good number via instant message. I love that. It’s great fun to chat with readers of this blog. However, the minute someone asks me if certain personal or harmful things are true about someone else other than myself, I will stop the conversation or direct it elsewhere. As I’ve said before, I will now answer those kinds of questions, even if I have answers. And if I’m asked too many times I will block that person from my buddy list for a time. So just know that I will not go there! Period.

Anyway, this is merely a ramble because I read those other two bloggers’ posts and I like to turn everything into something about me. I’m humble that way.


  1. My browser and your manilla site don’t seem to speak the same language,
    which is why you don’t hear from me often (it takes a lot of effort to
    be able to comment here). But I do enjoy your posts! 🙂

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Gee … I don’t know what’s up with that! I’ll ask my “computer manager” (my husband) what the problem might be. But I do apologize!

    Glad you like my (oft silly) posts! 🙂

    I surely enjoy your site.

  3. Oh, I think part of it is that it’s a different commenting “system”
    than most blogs out there, requiring a log in page, etc., and it
    doesn’t always show that there are (or are not comments). And sometimes
    it doesn’t like my Firefox/Mac combo, I suppose! 🙂

    I enjoy your posts, too, and read them all!

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Yes … I will admit I really don’t like the way the discussion thing is set up with Manila. But what can I do? I’ve set up this site and I’m too darn lazy to transfer everything over to something else. I really hate that only the first comment shows if the remaining comments are in response to that. It’s quite annoying. I’m assuming that’s a Manila thing but I’ll check with Mr. Computer here to be certain.

    I DO use a Mac, btw … so I’m especially sorry you, who obviously have fine taste in computers, are having problems. Sigh.

    And now I’ll wonder if you get THIS post. (I think you are supposed to be emailed a copy … but I don’t actually know for sure.)

    Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Hmmm…I wonder if Haloscan would work for you?

    Nope, I don’t get e-mailed a copy.

    Oh well. I love the quotes you put here.

  6. Patricia Mitchell

    You know there’s a place to click or check if you want to know that there’s a response to your post. But maybe that’s not working for you either? If so … sorry!

    Feel free to send me any quotes YOU like and I may post them at some point.