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I have mentioned many times that I’m an introvert and going to parties can be exhausting. So tonight I went to a party that included some colleagues and friends … and I had such a good time! Now parties should always be fun, yes? But sometimes they are more obligatory than anything else. For some reason I was more comfortable adn relaxed at this party … and the food and company were great. So I was so happy to go to this one and have a wonderful time! Yay!

Now I’m back home and Jameson (our 16 year old) and I are watching portions of the Sondheim boxed set I bought myself for Christmas from some Christmas money I received. (As any reader here knows, I’m quite a Sondheim fan. Some of my music pals really dislike anything that isn’t considered “classical” but I just don’t care; I like what I like. And I yam what I yam!) Bernadette Peters is singing right now. She came and sang with the San Jose Symphony (RIP) once and I thoroughly enjoyed her … she was extremely professional, very kind and gracious, and an incredible performer. Ahhh … it just brings back such great memories! I miss the days when we could have opera, classical and Broadway stars come in on occasion. Those days are over … forever? I wonder. —time lapse&mdash We’ve moved on to A Little Night Music and again I’m nostalgic … I played this with our local musical theatre company and I’d love to do it again. What a wonderful musical! (If you should decide it’s a musical … some would suggest opera instead.) Oh … Send In The Clowns … oh … my goodness I’m missing Sondheim. And now Sunday, from Sunday in the Park with George … if anything can bring me to tears this song can. (I think, though, that the second act needs some updating. Is it just me? I do wonder.)

I will be seeing Into the Woods on December 28th. A local company is putting it on and I hear very good things about the production. Can’t wait!

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