My Nutcracker poem has been posted at the Beyond magazine blog! How about that?!

But now I wonder; should I put it up here as well, or should I just suggest you click on the link above? Such a dilemma.

In Other News
I’m wondering now if I don’t have allergies, but instead have a cold that came on sneezingly strong. I’m not feeling all that well today. Playing two Nuts (and two more tomorrow) may prove to be a challenge. It’s difficult to play when one’s ears are plugged, and I find it absolutely no fun to play with a sore throat, which I feel coming on at the moment. Maybe it’s like dancing on blistered feet? Well, maybe not quite that bad, but still …. After my morning raisin bran (I have raisin bran every morning, Terry. ) I think it’s hot tea for me. And maybe some sympathy if I can find it here anywhere.

I’ve often gotten sick after I’ve finished with a run of something. My body seemed to know just when it was allowed to break down. Maybe getting sick during is what being 49 means? I wonder.


  1. Sending sympathy…

    Congratulations on the poem post! It’s wonderful!

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Thanks! I wrote that some time ago — even took it into the pit to share back then. I had forgotten about it until a friend at Beyond asked if she could post it!