So … I look like Ella Fitzgerald? I can’t imagine that to be true, but some face recognition software suggests that is one face that is similar to mine. The first face it suggested was some man. Sigh. But I’ll take Ella any day.

Try it out for yourself.

Here’s the picture I used:
… and I probably should use something that is a bit clearer and more head-on I suppose. But I couldn’t find one! (I’m not particularly fond of this picture, but then I am never fond of pictures of myself. This one is from several years ago, and I have a different and —dare I say it — more “hip” hairstyle I think, and my glasses are a vast improvement over what I had back then.

I suppose neither this post nor the preceding one really need to be up at the oboe site, but, well, Ella was incredibly musical, and, um … let’s see … I did mention the awful aquarium music in the prior post! (I wish they’d played Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals … well, the fish portion … THAT would have worked for me.)


  1. How fun!  I got 71% Shania Twain on my first try, using my formal headshot, then Cameron Diaz (72%) using my more casual shot.  This is really neat.  My family is going to love it, ‘cuz we always play around with casting the Movie of Our Life!  (My dad is totally Steve Martin…)

    Thanks for the link!


  2. Patti/y– — –Re: your posted photo.

     Ella Fitzgerald was my favorite pop singer. No matter what song she sang, every note out of her vocal chord was ‘nailed’ down as if it were “tuned at the factory”. We met in 1947– — -on the stage of the Apollo theater here in New York. (Harlem) I was with the Boyd Raeburn Band, my first pro job after spending 4 yrs. in an Air Force Band. The band was featured, & Ella was there with the Ray Brown trio–something I will never forget. If you’re wondering how a bassoon player gets to play the Apollo—

    The 4th reed book in that band called for Bsn, Clar, & Sax– — — — — — Yes, i’m known as a Bsn doubler. That’s what I did for 42 yrs on Broadway. Oh yeah,—there was an oboe doubling chair in that band also, & a flute & clar chair– —  French Horn too; a ww quintet within this wildly swingin’ band

    So if you play oboe like Ella sang, you’re a damn good oboe player!


                                                                 Marvin Roth


  3. Patricia Mitchell

    If they were telling my I played like Ella sang I’d be in heaven! They were suggesting we look alike though. And I can’t say I see a similarity, but I’m not good at seeing how I look like someone else … especially if it’s someone I think is attractive. (If you detect insecurity in that last sentence you are correct!)

    Sounds like you’ve had quite the career. I’m a bit envious. Sadly I’m no doubler, though. Oboe and EH seemed to be enough for this small brained person to handle!

  4. Forget the Ella look-alike. I’m talkin’ about her instrument & yours. Read my last sentence again– — –& again! And i’m not talkin’ about her scat singing. I’m talkin’ about her ballads. Now read my last sentence again. No more compliments Pattioboe– — — — — — until I hear YOU play. You can hear ME play on my website, which you graciously listed on YOUR site.

                                                                Marvin Geezer Roth

  5. Patricia Mitchell

    I’ll gladly take an Ella sound alike comparison. I can tell you I’m a very expressive player. But I don’t have any samples here at the site. First of all, I’ve not a clue how to put them up, but I also would have to get approval from others since anything I put up would include other players, and there’s the whole union thing!

    I do love Ella’s singing, and my daughter went through an Ella phase so we listened to her quite a bit. Haven’t pulled anything out recently, though.