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ACB wrote to say she did the face recognition thing, and I will admit to jealousy. I did it again with another couple of pictures. So far, I’m mostly male. There you go. Danielle (correction: DANIEL. Sorry! I guess I wanted to at least make him a bit more feminine.) Radcliffe. Areil Sharon. And more.

But then I did another picture. Whew. Not that i agree with the comparisons, but I’ll gladly take Jennifer Aniston as a first match, then Hillary Duff (well, I don’t know how to feel about that one!), um … the Dalai Lama (okay, whatever), and, scariest of all, bin Laden. Following was Johnny Depp. (Oooh … don’t care that he’s a guy, I’ll take him!) and Hugo Weaving. (Well, he’s okay too.)

Anyhoo, I honestly don’t see the similarities. I’d show you the picture, but I can’t get things to work correctly here. It’ll have to wait until I’m back home and my Computer Expert Husband can help me!

I sat at the hotel bar for dinner tonight. I don’t like sitting alone at a table, especially when the hotel is nearly empty and I’d be the lone diner. Sitting at the bar I can watch a football game and enjoy that while eating (my wonderful grilled chicken salad). So I was able to see those marching band kids (it was a college game) play when their team made a touchdown. I nearly laughed out loud because they move the entire time they play their fight song, As one. And they move in ridiculous ways. Wildly. I know enough about our instruments to know that is no way to produce a fine sound. But marching band is not about great tone quality nor is it really about music. So oh well. But I remember when Mr Sandow suggested we move more. I hope he wasn’t thinking of this! 😉

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People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts.

-Paul Hindemith