01. January 2006 · Comments Off on Powerless · Categories: imported, Ramble

It was incredibly windy this morning. Still is, in fact. At one point I said to Dan, “Do you think the power will go out?” and he suggested probably not. I wanted to know what he thought because I needed to wash my hair and I hate not being able to dry it. So of course the power went out when I was ready to take a shower! Ah well. We were able to take a windy walk downtown and Pete’s was open so we had a nice cuppa coffee and a bit ‘o food. The power stayed off for around 4 hours I think, so if you attempted to reach this site you missed it. Sorry!

And now it’s 2006 … and I’ve already sorted all of last year’s papers for taxes. So there IS something good that happens when the power goes down; I get work done! Woo hoo!

Notice I somehow didn’t manage to wind reeds while the power was out, though? My (very good and reasonable) excuse is that I need good light. Yes. Yes I really do. Honest. Whew. I didn’t have light. How in the world could I wind a good reed? Not that winding reeds even entered my mind at all anyway. Of course now the power is on and, well, I don’t want to wind reeds. And it’s my party so I’ll wind if I want to. And I won’t wind if I don’t want to. So there.

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