Then again, if you aren’t into pictures like the one I wrote about yesterday, this picture of Dan’s is another of my faves.

(I promise I won’t turn this into a bragging site about Dan’s pictures. Really. I just figured some of you might enjoy his work.)


  1. Patty,
    It looks like the link is to the same picture as yesterday (not that I don’t like it…)
    Just letting you know, and promise to keep bragging about your family’s
    art endeavors!  I’ve enjoyed your daughters paintings that you’ve
    linked in the past and I do like your husband’s photography.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    Ooh … thanks Sarah! I’ll fix that right now! (And I’m glad you like to see my family’s art. Thing is, I have NO talent in that area. At all.)

  3. Can’t you just envision dead oboe reeds hanging from Dan’s good but gloomy photo?

                                                    Marvin Roth



  4. Patricia Mitchell

    Heh. Um. Well, no, I really can’t! But my dead reeds sit in a “coffin” and I keep waiting for the resurrection! 😉