Anyone who reads arts news knows that Marin Alsop wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms in Baltimore; the musicians had wanted more time, from what I’ve read, for the conductor search, but management hired Maestra Alsop without their approval. It sounded as if there was a lot of animosity for a while, but it looks as if the musicians are make amends now.

Ms. Alsop was on the San Jose Symphony (RIP) list when we were doing a conductor search. I haven’t seen her since then, though. She conducts the Cabrillo Music Festival, in Santa Cruz, but I’ve never made it to a performance there. Guess I should check it out some summer.


  1. Oh, the audience loves Alsop down in Santa Cruz.  I think a few of
    the SSV musicians play in the Cabrillo Festival orchestra: you should
    talk to them.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I have heard from some of my colleagues at SSV … and of course I worked with her that one week she was here in San jose. But someday I really do hope to get to the festival. It’s just difficult, because if I’m working I don’t have time and if I’m not working I don’t have money! Go figure.