30. January 2006 · Comments Off on This Week’s Calendar · Categories: imported, Ramble

Today is oboe collection day. No … I’m not driving around town collecting oboes! I’m driving back to Napa to pick up the oboe that has been in the shop for three weeks. Mark said he thinks I’ll really like what he’s done with it and I can’t wait to see and play it! So I will exercise (I’m attempting to get in five times a week … a challenge, to be sure, but it’s possible!) this morning and then I will do the two hour drive to Napa. By the time I get home I’m sure I’ll feel as if I’ve lost a whole day. I did burn a new CD (I downloaded a Naxos recording of Barber from emusic and I’m really liking what I’ve heard so far (and now I want to play the Capricorn Concerto … maybe San Jose Chamber Orchestra would be up for it sometime?). I have plenty of other CDs recently obtained through emusic that I can also listen to. I’m even bringing a camera in case I see something I want to snap a picture of. (Nothing like Dan’s work, mind you.) So I think I’m set.

Beginning on Wednesday it’s La Boheme. In Italian. Sir Edward Appleton would be happy, I guess.

I’ve heard many English speaking people suggest that opera should never be in English. Some have some legitimate reasons (something about our language and its unmusical nature or something, I think), but if it’s just because they don’t like hearing what the singers are singing I say “Bah!” Do they think Italians didn’t know what Verdi or Puccini wrote? I just want to hear operas in their original language.

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