07. February 2006 · Comments Off on Searches In The Past 24 Hours · Categories: imported, Ramble

Nothing terribly exciting or funny, but just these:

  • not be sad oboe (Why not? I like being a sad oboe.)
  • when parents sit with their child in lessons (Well, I find this often makes it very difficult for students to feel comfortable when a parent is always at lessons, and sometimes I find that parents talk or try to answer questions I’m asking the student. But I do allow it because I don’t ever want parents to wonder if something is going on between the student and me.)
  • bell lyre suppliers (Huh?)
  • double reed improvisation (Fun!)
  • opera lunatic theater quotation
  • screen scrape overture (I haven’t a clue. Anyone?)
  • 4 movement symphony etiquette (Hmmm, If we supposed to behave differently than we do for a 3 movement symphony I’ve really been a bad girl.)
  • and my personal favorite:

  • patty the groundhog


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