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…while walking to the parking lot after Bohème tonight:
“The guy sells his coat for nothing!”

A couple of older women were talking earlier and I only overheard the last few words but I knew they were talking about the opera and one woman said, “… hurry up and get the medicine!”

This was our final dress rehearsal and we had a full house. They seemed to really like it. It’s an opera that I always enjoy performing, and it has nothing for principal oboe to really stress me out.

Earlier … it was pretty crazy downtown when I drove in. I heard there was some sort of rap concert going on close by. This means that the free lot we often use will be full. That shouldn’t be a problem since opera gives us parking cards for a lot that’s a bit of a walk but a guaranteed space. But NO … i had to somehow misplace my parking card! I always put it in the same place in the car. It isn’t there. I haven’t a clue where to even look for the darn thing. If I can’t find it I have to pay $35 and I’m not even sure they’ll supply me with a new one. Sigh. Such is life, eh? For the first two acts of the opera I was busy worrying over this card. I’m not one to lose things, and I’m also a bit of a control freak. So this has me very bugged.

And even earlier I had mentioned to a friend and colleague that I was annoyed at the number of bad entrances people were still making with this opera. I mean, we’d had six rehearsals and still folks were blowing it. How stupid can people be?! I wasn’t putting any one person down, and I don’t like to bring up names like that anyway if I can avoid it, but I was getting pretty miffed.

But of course if you know me you know the rest of the story … sigh … tonight I came in one 8th beat too early on a run. Figures. I should know better than to ever complain about anyone else. And no, no one else made a bad entrance today. It was just yours truly.

Now we have a day off and Saturday is opening night. Should be a good show!

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