Why are so many other music bloggers I read testing and coming out oboes? (I know I’m missing some folks, too. Do remind me if you have emailed and alerted me to the OboeFact.)

To add insult to injury, my husband (who played trombone) is an oboe as well. So is Drew McManus, although I see he didn’t ‘fess up at his site!

And here I sit, a little viola.

What’s up with this?

Someone mentioned that it had to do with leadership skills. It’s true that I’m not a leader. And it’s also true that some people have told me I don’t act like an oboist. Whatever that means. I do know I’m a bit insecure and I’m definitely an introvert. But when I have an oboe in hand I think I change. At least enough to play okay.

I hope. (See? There’s that insecurity thing!)


  1. It’s alright, I didn’t get oboe either. My first result on that quiz was the trombone! Of the four instruments I’ve ever tried to play none of them showed up very high on the list. Guess it just goes to show I don’t have the personality of an oboe, flute, piano, or viola. 😛 But I’ve learned to not put much stock in online quizes. I took one which was “Which band student are you?”(or something similar.) It has me as a band “groupie.” As I was currently flipping back and forth between two instruments and a marching section leader, I found the result quite amusing.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    I do hope you know I’m not really upset! I was merely being funny. It’s my sense (or nonsense) of humor! 😉

    I don’t buy into these tests at all, aside from the fun factor.

  3. lol..yeah. I thought it was just your sense of humor. But, I thought it would be fun to let you know that you’re not the only oboist to be a completely different instrument. (That is if I count as an oboist? I have to debate with myself over that.)

  4. I came out as a viola, too-big leap from trumpet, my actual instrument. I wouldn’t mind playing oboe, or cello, but viola doesn’t interest me at all. Goofy neither here nor there thing-can’t decide if it wants to grow up and be a cello or slim down and be the vivacious violin everyone pines for.

  5. Patricia Mitchell

    Oh I love your description of the viola! It’s perfect! 🙂

  6. Hmph.  I guess it figures that a trumpet player would miss the point, loud and brash instrument that the trumpet is (not that I don’t like trumpets).  The viola is a subtle, dark instrument, and we violists like it that way.

  7. Patricia Mitchell

    Awww. I’m SURE Mr. Salmon was merely joking. You know … trumpet humor and all! 😉

  8. Thanks. It took me hours to come up with it.

  9. Yes, but how many people are willing to say, IN PUBLIC, that they play the viola?