15. February 2006 · Comments Off on Back Home · Categories: imported, Ramble

Well, well, well … no crown after all! The dentist saw a very small amount of decay beneath a filling and after shooting me up to numb the area and some fun drilling I’m finished.

I have a horrible fear of the dentist, but this really was a piece of cake compared to most everything I’ve had to deal with in the past. What a relief. Whew!

Trouble is, now I have to go teach at Santa Clara University and the right side of my mouth is pretty darn numb still. I guess my oboe may as well stay home; there is no way I will attempt to play the oboe with a numb mouth. (Even though I did play for four months with a half-numb tongue. Have I told that story? I can’t remember!) I’m sure my students would find it humorous to hear what comes out when if I tried to hold a reed between somewhat unfeeling lips, but it ain’t gonna happen. I like to make fun of myself sometimes, but this is not the day.

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