21. February 2006 · Comments Off on A Bad Picture … But Does It Matter? · Categories: imported, Ramble

Every Tuesday (this quarter, anyway) I drive over the hill to UCSC. And every week I get to view a most unappetizing picture encouraging drivers to pull over and grab a bite to eat. I’ve been meaning to snap a photo for eons, but the restaurant is just after the summit of highway 17 and when I get there I’m usually too preoccupied with whatever I’m listening to, and I’m thinking about heading down the hill. And, let’s face it, I’m lazy; pulling over, getting out of the car, and taking a picture is usually just too much for me! 😉

But today was the day. I finally did it! Unfortunately something is up with the way I took the picture, and it really doesn’t do the thing justice, but I’ll post it here for now, knowing my husband, the Fine Photographer™ will either fix what I did or take a better one of his own.

But … really now … if you saw this picture, would you pull over to eat at the restaurant? I’ve never stopped—they aren’t even open on my way to Santa Cruz and when I’m on my drive home there’s no way I’m stopping for anything. But I doubt I’d ever stop anyway; that picture sends me on my merry way.

While this IS a horrible picture, by the way, it’s only because of the focus, the fact that I can’t take a level picture, and I have some sort of glare … the color, and the faded look is exactly what you’d see if you were to see it live and in person.


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