28. February 2006 · Comments Off on MQOD · Categories: imported, Quotes

Perfectly and painfully encapsulating in reality this conundrum, today I am punished for yesterday’s pleasure with a significant amount of sunburn, which could have been avoided so easily. I have tried to atone by spending spectacular amounts of money on aloe lotions. It is clear to one and all from my vivid face that I am a beach novice who fell into the stupidest of traps, and so this morning I put on my Johann Sebastian Bach T-shirt as a way of explaining. “You see, everybody, I’m really a classical musician and I think about Bach a lot and that’s why I forgot to put on sunscreen.” Perhaps though people won’t read so deeply into the shirt as I imagine, and they will just see a sunburned fool.

-Jeremy Denk

Please read the rest of his blog today. It’s wonderful! I’d post the whole things here but … well … just go read it at his place ( called Think Denk), okay?


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