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Yeah, I’m watching. Always do! (You can read more about what I think and all at the pattyo if you are that curious.

But anyway … I guess I’ll comment on songs here …

Dolly Parton sang. She always makes me smile. It’s not because of how she looks … but man, the size is distracting, you know? …but it’s just her voice and her smile. She’s a born performer. While some of the actors seem uncomfortable and aren’t as good with words as I might expect, she seems perfectly natural and comfortable up there. Her song was fine. It was “Travelin’ Thru” from Transamerica. Nothing spectacular. But should a song for a movie be spectacular? I dunno. Seems like it should enhance the movie, but doesn’t have to say, “Hey, I’m even better than the film!”

Merely my opinion, of course.

The second song, “In The Deep”, was sung by Kathleen “Bird” York and it was from Crash. It is what I call a mood song, and was performed as such. Slow moving folks on stage, sort of acting out “stuff”. It was fine. Nothing earth shattering.

The last song (only three have been nominated) will be from the movie Hustle & Flow. I’ll fill you all in after I hear it, because I’m sure you all want to know what I think!

Side note: To whoever decided to play music behind all the speeches … shame!

AND … whoever chose a mish-mash of Copland’s music for the segment I’m watching now … very poor choice! Just because you are showing American films that are taking strong stands doesn’t mean you should use Aaron Copland, and you especially shouldn’t chop up and blend numerous works. Geesh. They need help there at the Academy Awards. Seriously. I’m here. Pick me!

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