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You can take this musical listening test and see how you score. You will hear 30 pairs of tunes and you are to determine of the pair is the same or “slightly” different. The thing is, the ones that aren’t the same are more than slightly different. I kept waiting for trickier pairs. Yes, I’m the sort who always thinks there will be trick questions! Don’t expect anything close to slightly different and you’ll manage a perfect score. Really. If you are like me you’ll finally think, “Hmmm. That one must have had one small change I didn’t detect,” and manage to score 29 our of 30. I needed to trust my ears and not assume everyone likes to trick us, I suppose.

And yeah, I’m embarrassed that I missed one. Sigh. Very silly of me, really. As I clicked “different” I even thought, “You are being stupid.” Go figure.

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So David Bratman must dislike Mahler. A lot. I love the composer, myself. Anyone else?

In Other News

I’m home from opening night of Romeo and Juliet. Such music! I never grow tired of hearing it. The costumes are great too, from what I can see. Great colors! One family in cool colors and the other in hot. I can’t see everything, but I at least have the best seat in the pit (aside from the conductor’s and I suppose the basses, since they stand so they can see more): I’m just to the conductor’s right, closest to the audience, so I can see the stage and see the dancers from about the waist up (they don’t do anything with their feet, do they?) It’s mighty fine music. Really.

I think we had a tiny audience, judging from how quiet it seemed out there. Too bad. But it was cold, wet and windy … not exactly encouraging to those who might buy single tickets on the night of a performance. Do come if you have the chance. This ballet doesn’t come to town often.

Kelsey was a fan of strong bad (are you still, Kelsey?). In visiting Sarah’s site I saw a little mention that included yours truly (although I spell my name with a “y” … as in “Why, why why?!?”) and reading what Sarah wrote caused me to check the link she provided. Because of course it is all about the oboe. Or me. Or both. Or something.

Anyway, it’s strong bad at his strongest and baddest I suppose. At least at his strangest. If you aren’t a fan you might not want to spend the time hearing the whole thing. But if you are … well … he mentions the oboe (in a most silly way) and isn’t that just grand?

Ah yes … oboe shoes. Good old oboe shoes.

UPDATE: Sarah has fixed my name at her site. Isn’t that kind of her? I think so. Even more important, though, was her message to me; she clearly understands the importance of oboe shoes! She should really be an oboe player. Yes. Indeed.

About my name: I really wanted my name to be spelled with an “i” when I was young. My father told me I couldn’t, and it was one of my few acts of obedience to keep it with a “y”. I also wanted it with “ie” for a time. For some reason I thought I’d appear to be cuter if my name was spelled with the “i” or “ie”. Now I like it with the “y”. I guess I’m not into trying to be cute anymore. (And do I need the quotation marks around all these letters? It just seems easier to see them as letters that way, but maybe I’m wrong.)

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A few can touch the magic string,
And noisy Fame is proud to win them;
Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them!

-Oliver Wendell Holmes