13. March 2006 · Comments Off on Made Me Laugh · Categories: imported, Ramble

Sometimes the way we write is funny. At least to me. Here’s a sample from a review:

If her high notes were occasionally patchy, her coloratura was sound, and she joined with oboist Gonzalo Ruiz in some lovely duet passages in “Vorrei spiegarvi,” K. 418.

So … if her high notes were not patchy does that mean her coloratura was not sound and she didn’t join with Ruiz in some lovely duet passages?

Yes, I’m just plain bizarre. But heck, as you all now know, I talk out loud to myself too, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone!

When Dan, Jameson and I were at a restaurant last night the waitress said, “My name is “X” (can’t remember the name) if you need anything.” Often either Dan or I then comment on this (out of earshot of the waitress, mind you), wondering what her name is if we don’t need her.

Gonzalor Ruiz is, by the way, a very good baroque oboist. (I own a Ruiz CD of a ton of Handel.) Just so you know.

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