13. March 2006 · Comments Off on There and Back Again · Categories: imported, Ramble

I drove to Napa. I dropped off my English horn. I came home.

Some observations:
As I was driving to Napa I was stuck behind a slow car. I said to myself, “I wonder what the tempo is here.” Yes. I said that. Out loud. I talk to myself. Can you live with that? But really … I said tempo … not speed limit. Heh.

When I dropped off my English horn another client was with Mark Chudnow so I didn’t really stay to yak. As I drove away I felt such a sense of loss. I’m not sure why; I’ve left my oboes there and didn’t feel that way at all. But somehow this was more difficult. Odd.

Driving home went very quickly. I was hungry, but I was also in a hurry to get home because I have to drive some high school kids to the rehearsal at 3:45 today. So hurry won over hunger. It usually does!

Now I’ve had a bit of veggie quiche, along with some sweet pickles. Yum. I think it’s time to close my eyes for a small amount of time so I can stay awake to play tonight. Driving really zones me out.

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