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I like to read. And I like Sibelius. I’m just not sure I want to read The Seven Symphonies. I’m easily scared (yeah, I’m wimpy that way), and this is a murder mystery in which the killer associates each murder to one of Sibelius’s seven symphonies. And he targets musicians.


Of course we double reed players carry very sharp knives, but still ….

Read about it first here.

Via Alex Ross. I was taken here. Conductors say the darndest things! Now some of this is, of course, related to language issues. But I have it on good authority (mine) that most conductors can say things that make us little folk smile. And even guffaw, although we try to hold back. I’m sorry I haven’t kept a journal of things I’ve heard. Some things they say—some metaphors they toss out—are just perfect, too; they can say something I would never think of to get us to produce a certain kind of sound. Really.

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Hugh Sung has provided some links to some free sheet music sites that you might want to check out. I can’t say if there’s any oboe must available, but it’s worth a look-see! (And the rest of Hugh’s site is good too!)

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At least I have the modesty to admit that lack of modesty is one of my failings.

-Hector Berlioz