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Orchestra musicians must be mighty dangerous. Dangerous enough that some can’t come to the US on scheduled tours I guess.

I wish our government would get a clue.

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The English horn (or “anguished horn” as my husband has been known to call it) is home. I took reeds with me to Mark Chudnow’s, of course, so I could give it a go while there, and it plays beautifully! I’m so glad—relieved, really—to have it back in my possession. I didn’t like being without it. Mark also did a little fix on one of my oboes, and I believe the C to D trill in the Mozart Wind Serenade, which I’ll be playing in May, will now be a much happier trill. No one likes a sad trill, right? I hadn’t noticed the trill key problem earlier; I guess I hadn’t had to deal with that particular key after getting that oboe repaired.

Playlist: Driving to Napa it was Schubert. First I listened to a String Quintet (D 956) and then a String Trio (D 581). I don’t know as much string chamber music as I might, being a wind player and all. Both works were downloaded just this morning from emusic. (You’re right, Pam, the Quintet is wonderful … and I did know the first movement already. Not sure why.) After those I put on Sibelius Fifth Symphony again. I just wanted to drill it in to my head (ouch!) even more. Sibelius took me part way home as well. After the fifth finished I attempted to listen to the fourth, but I gave up. I do wish our car was quieter; listening to good music in our Honda is sort of insulting to the music, I think.

I begin rehearsing for Sara’s recital this Saturday, so I picked up the EH just in time. We are doing Stravinksy’s Cantata and I’m playing the oboe 2/English horn book. Whew.

Now I have to get some EH reeds in good order. Or some gracious reader (reeder) has to send me some.

Hint, hint.

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Maestro Boughton mentioned the Sibelius quote I posted yesterday. How ’bout that?

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Artists like Bach and Beethoven erected churches and temples on the heights. I only wanted… to build dwellings for men in which they might feel happy and at home.

-Edvard Grieg