“Her acting was sprite and, after initial nervousness, she sung Leonore effortlessly,”

This is the second time I’ve seen “sung” used this way in a newspaper. It seems wrong to me, but I’m beginning to doubt myself. Do tell!

I read it here.


  1. No, you’re right that it’s wrong.  “She sang Leonore
    effortlessly”, please.  (Maybe “she has sung…” or “she had
    sung…”).  I hear mistakes like this on CNN all the time. Makes
    me absolutely crazy.  Of course, you cut them some slack since
    they’re constantly talking and having to think on their feet.  No
    excuse in the case of the Merc.  (You can see why I was so popular in high school ) 😉


  2. Definitely ain’t English.  Shocking.

  3. Patricia Mitchell

    Yep Yep Yep … two people have chimed in already, and agree with me. Thank you so much! I sung both your praises. 😉

    Sorry … had to do that. Just had to!

    (My husband agreed as well, just not as a typed message here.)

  4. Jennifer Grucza

    The part I don’t understand is “Her acting was sprite”.  I thought “sprite” was a noun.  “Her acting was sprightly,” maybe.  But sprite?

  5. Patricia Mitchell

    Well … that part didn’t bother me as much; perhaps the writer is a MacUser. We do, after all, “think different”. 😉

    Sorry … I had to go there!