03. April 2006 · Comments Off on First Review · Categories: imported, Ramble

Bratman loved Nakamatsu, hated us in Sibelius.

For the record: I didn’t miss any attacks. And the second oboe is in the basement. I’m sure everyone knows about low notes on the oboe, and the fear of missing attacks we sometimes suffer! I also used a reed I really liked for the Sibelius half; I used a different, “okay” reed for the first half (we often change reeds in performance, and sometimes even use a different reed for a different movement. Heck, one time I used a particular reed for one solo and then put it back in the case).

Some of us in the orchestra thought the first Nakamatsu encore was Mendelssohn. I haven’t a clue if we are correct, though. Shame on me, eh?

Gee, I sure hate daylight savings time. (Am I repeating myself or what?!)

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