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I’m just home from opera. It’s 11:30. Some of you might see that time and think, “Wow. That’s pretty late to be coming home from work.” (I know that a lot of you won’t, of course, if you are late night sorts.) But I’m probably the second one home from the orchestra; one other player lives closer to the hall, but the drive for me is usually under ten minutes.

The audience was quite enthusiastic, so that was great.

But me? Sigh. The lovely reed I’ve been enjoying died a sudden death tonight. And I mean sudden. There were notes. Then there were no notes. This usually means that there was a very small hairline crack and it finally went through. I had wondered if what I was hoping was just the grain was really a crack. It was one of those times I try to pretend I don’t really see it … denial is such a wonderful thing for at least a short time. So instead of the wonder reed I had to use a reed that works but is what I call a “spit catcher.” No, I don’t really spit into the reed! It’s just that the reed sounds like it has something in it. Even though it really doesn’t. That problem is a mystery to me. Fortunately I rarely get reeds like that, but I had to deal with it tonight and by the time we finished the opera I was beat.

I’ll bet you can’t guess what I’ll be working on tomorrow … right?! 🙂

One orchestra colleague was complaining about getting no mention in the Merc review. I hadn’t even thought about that. I guess I don’t really expect the orchestra to get mentioned in opera reviews. But to her it was a big insult. Funny how we all take things differently. When I’ve played English horn solos in symphonic works and don’t get a mention my reaction is to assume the reviewer hated me. Ah, we are a sensitive bunch, aren’t we?!

And now it’s nearing midnight. I need to get up a little after 6:00 AM. I think I’d better call it a night!

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