27. April 2006 · Comments Off on Yes, I Had Opera Tonight · Categories: imported, Ramble

I am home. And I am very, very tired.

Some nights are just more difficult than others. It wasn’t that the music was any more difficult. The performance, in fact, may very well have been the best we’ve had over all. Some tempi were a bit brighter too, which I enjoyed. A fellow musician, from Symphony Silicon Valley, said it was absolutely wonderful. And I believe it was. But I am still very, very tired.

When I was sitting there for one of the longer tacets, I honestly thought, “I’m not going to make it!” I’m not sure why I was in such bad shape. But I sure was. (I did wonder if the woman who made my Café Americano used decaf instead of caf, though!) If I could have found a bed and blanket somewhere in the hall right after the performance I would have been tempted to sleep right there and forget about my ten minute drive home. The majority of my poor colleagues are still on the road as I whine here. How lovely to work so near home. As it should be. If it can be. (I doubt any musician could afford housing around here now; we bought our home in 1980.)

But the new reed did its job. Something is still a tad awry, and now I’m wondering if the oboe is out of adjustment, but I’ll not worry about that until tomorrow.

So it’s no snack for me (I used to come home and have a bowl of Cheerios but age is having its way with me and eating late at night means I can’t sleep), and it’s nearly straight to bed. Goodnight … from the old lady whispering “hush”.

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