All my friends are intelligent, but our musical tastes do not necessarily intersect. So what? They don’t think I?m a snob because I get more out of classical music than any other variety, and I don’t think they’re uncultured idiots because they prefer something else. We have achieved peaceful coexistence without pretending that we’re alike in our aesthetic needs and choices.

-James Reel (read the rest here)

I appreciate Mr. Reel’s words. I’m not sure they are quite true for all of us; some people have called me a snob. But oh well. For the most part we do all get along. And if someone thinks I’m a snob that’s not really my problem. Unless I really am. And if I really am I probably don’t care anyway.

You know?

But really … I just don’t think we have to all enjoy all kinds of music, or try to mix with all those who like different kinds of music. I don’t want to go to a rock concert. Why should I care if people who go to rock concerts don’t want to come to something I’m in? It’s no biggie.

As long as we all like baseball.

Okay. Maybe not even that.

I do recall one music lover getting into quite an agitated state, saying that classical music lovers are so closed minded and won’t listen to anything else and how awful we are. She, on the other hand, had never listened to classical music. But apparently that was different. It all reminded me of those people who won’t tolerate people who they deem intolerant. I just can’t argue with someone like that. There’s usually no point.

I like my classical music box. I don’t care that it’s not as crowded as Britney Spears’. I don’t like crowds anyway.


  1. terminaldegree

    You know, I had a college boyfriend who was disgusted that I didn’t like the Beetles. (They sing “Yellow Submarine” out of tune. It drives me crazy. And I’ve never been a fan of Indian tablas. So sue me.) He said, “You are sure limited in your musical taste, aren’t you?”

    I replied, “You listen to the music of the 60s-90s. That’s forty years of music. Of bands and singer-songwriters. That’s great that you like the music you listen to. But to knock my tastes as ‘limited’ is demeaning–and ignorant. I listen to medieval chant, renaissance motets and madrigals, baroque concerti grossi and trio sonatas, classical symphonies and concerti, romantic concerti and operas, and a myriad of 20th century composers. I listen to music for voice and piano; operas; symphonies; concerti; chamber music; I attend recitals and symphony concerts alike, and we haven’t even begin to talk about the jazz and world music I listen to. You listen to 40 years of music in one genre. I listen to over a thousand years of music in a variety of genres, and you’ve sneered that ‘it all sounds the same.’ And you are calling me ‘limited’ in my musical tastes?”

    Clearly the relationship didn’t last. But sadly, I think his attitude is typical.

  2. Patricia Mitchell

    It is so odd, isn’t it, how some folks thing we are limited, in reality, they are much more limited than we. Go figure.

    I do like the Beatles, though. 🙂

    I dunno … seems to me that a lot of classical music folks are talking the same way churches are. Both often talk about being “relevant” and “current” and they really want to be seen as “hip” … I’ve been informed, however, that using the word “hip” clearly points out that I’m not … um … “hip”. Churches and classical groups seem to think we need to toss out so much that is good in order to appeal to people who just might not care even a smidge for what we have to offer anyway. i think it’s foolishness.

    But that’s just me.

    And I’m sounding like an old lady. Sigh.

    But I’m veering off here, aren’t I? Isn’t that just so typical of me?

  3. No, you’re not veering off. You’re being creative. 🙂

    As Christians, I don’t think we need to *make* or *be seen* as “relevant” or “current.” I kinda think the Bible is relevant in spite of us, not because of us. <grin>

  4. Patricia Mitchell

    I’m with you, TD.

    If we were in charge of everything I think we would have destroyed Christianity. We keep trying, anyway. Good thing God is around, eh?

  5. terminaldegree

    well, we can destroy Christianity, but not Christ. That gives me comfort. 🙂

  6. Patricia Mitchell

    Smart woman. Good way to put it. True way, too.