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Wondering how the high notes on the oboe are produced, are you? Sure you are! I just ran across this page. You might want to check it out. 🙂

In Other News
Berlioz is just around the corner. Both that work and the Debussy have English horn. So I have been getting my English horn act together. In the past this was never a big deal; I played English horn all the time since it was my main gig in San Jose Symphony (RIP).

But now? Now I play it so infrequently it’s bizarre. I had always thought of myself as an English hornist first and oboist second and now that’s switched around.

You know how I complain about oboe reeds, yes? Well, now it’s time to complain about English horn reeds. I used to find them easier to make than oboe. So what the heck has happened?! I can’t seem to get one to behave the way I’d like. I want a reed that is … um … a reed that is like butter. Well, not really butter, but something smooth and wonderful and warm. So maybe more like pudding. Chocolate pudding I think. Maybe with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Oh man … now I’m not only needing a reed, but I’m hungry too.

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