13. May 2006 · Comments Off on Brava! · Categories: imported, Ramble

As I eat a quick bowl of raisin bran with added bananas for dinner (no cooking time) I just have to say a quick Brava! to Madeline Biddle. I am just home from her honors senior recital at SCU.

Madeline, it was a joy to hear you sing. I loved all the works you chose, and you were wonderful! Yay for you. I especially loved the Argento works. I think I have to get a recording of those songs. Wow!

Now I hope you celebrate well. You deserve to, that’s for sure. (I wish I’d snapped a quick picture … I would have posted it here for all to see. Ah well. Shoulda thunk it.)

Now? I’m off to the Symphony Silicon Valley concert which begins in less than an hour!

Racing, racing, racing …. 🙂

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