I’ve been home for a while, actually.

The wedding was lovely, but the poor wedding party was in the sun the whole time and it was extremely hot. I had told them I’d need a covering, so while I was pretty darn warm, I didn’t have to sit in the sun. The wedding began later than the 5:00 time I was told, so I wound up playing a lot more than I had expected. I went between Telemann, a little bit ‘o Barrett (those make sweet little ditties … really!), and tunes I’d make up on the spot. And yes, I played Gabriel’s Oboe for the bride.

So are you wondering why I struggle with the tune from The Mission? If you’ve seen the film I’m guessing you actually can figure it out. But at the end of that film Gabriel, the pacifist priest, is walking and ends up … hmm … no … I really shouldn’t give it away in case you haven’t seen it. But if you see it maybe you’ll guess why I struggle with it as a bridal march sort of thing. And yet it is beautiful and if you haven’t seen the movie ….

I stayed through the entire wedding although I was done once the bride was up the aisle. I think it’s rather rude when musicians leave early unless they can do so without being seen. Besides, it was a nice ceremony, I’m a sucker for these things, and I wasn’t absolutely certain that the guitarist really was going to play at the end. I thought it best to be prepared to jump in if necessary. That way, too, I even managed to meet the bride for the first time!

Oh … and one reason I had gone shopping this morning was because the only outfit I had that is decent enough for a wedding is mostly brown, with dashes of other autumn colors. I was certain the bridal party wouldn’t be in brown, so I figured it was best to get something else that wouldn’t clash. Hah. They were in brown. Go figure. And I was seated off to the side, where I was mostly unseen. So what I wore didn’t matter at all anyway.

This was the first wedding I’ve been hired to play as a soloist. I’ve done quintets, and trios in the distant past, but it’s been a long time. I haven’t a clue if I charged enough. I know I didn’t charge too much. If any readers play weddings want to clue me in on what you charge, please. I’d love to know. And I’d love to get more of this kind of work. Maybe because I love being able to put pieces together that I like, make up things on the spot, it’s a no-stress sort of job, and, well, it’s fun to watch people sometimes.

Any bad news? Yeah. Giants lost. Second day in a row too. Rats.

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I am playing a wedding at 5:00 today. It’s an outdoor, winery-setting, Los Gatos wedding, and it’s not going to be a cool day. I checked a weather site, and it suggests it’ll be 86. Sigh. I have played in much hotter weather, though. Once, up at a winery, it was 112. That was killer hot.

Playing when it’s really hot affects my embouchure for some reason; I tend to tire easier. This wedding won’t be a problem, as I only play for about fifteen minutes, but I do get annoyed when I have a weaker embouchure than I should.

Mostly, though, it’s What to Wear!? I don’t like to draw attention to myself (I prefer, in fact, to play from somewhere where I won’t be seen, but most people don’t agree with me on that one!) and I certainly don’t want to clash with the attendants in the wedding party. And of course I don’t want to wear white. (I can’t keep white clean anyway!) So I just went shopping. I haven’t bought clothes in a long while, and I hate shopping. I found two skirts and two tops and I’ll see which feels right in an hour or so. I think I’ll wind up with the black and white skirt and a black short sleeve sweater top. Seems like that’s a safe way to go. And I always feel comfortable in black, even when it’s hot.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be playing Gabriel’s Oboe for the bride’s entrance. It’s a lovely little piece, but I do struggle with it because I identify it with the movie The Mission. (After all, that’s where the tune comes from.) I won’t say anything about the picture I get in my head. Yet. Maybe I”ll fill you in after the wedding, though. We’ll see.

Other than that work, I’ll play some from Telemann’s Fantasies and then, should I need to, I’ll make up my own tunes. I like doing that, because I can time them to fit, and for some reason they never tire me like written works do. I’m not sure why that is, but there you go.

So summer is here and that means some students go off to other parts of the world so I won’t see them for two or three months. I usually get a few new students, and this is the case this summer. Welcome to the newbies! I’m very happy to have you on board. Some summers I lose a few students, and this is one where I am losing one. Only one, which is nice, but oh how I’ll miss that student. Bye Olivia! I wish you all the best with your art, and I’m sorry oboe has had to bow out of your life. You have done so well, and I hope you are proud of your hard work. Remember, you can always pick it up and toot a bit!

Well, the Giants are about to play. I have to have my priorities … you know? Ciao!