20. June 2006 · Comments Off on Not Yet · Categories: imported, Ramble

No jury duty today. I checked in this morning (after a lovely dental appointment where I was informed that I will, once again, be crowned) and now I’m to check in again after 5:00. I hope hope hope hope hope that this means I’ll get to teach my students tomorrow.

As to the dentist; the last time I went in I was just sure I’d have to have a crown done and I was wrong. So this time I thought, “Well, he can probably do what he did last time, which really was not bad at all.” And I’m wrong again. I liked being wrong the last time. I do not like being wrong this time. Sigh.

Having had two crowns done already I know what a joy they are. I also know what a wreck I’ll be for the remainder of the day. AND I know I will feel no more royal than I feel now.


This cadenza to Mozart’s Third Violin Concerto made me smile.

Now I’m not sure if I should smile. But I did. So there. And I laughed. I also rolled my eyes.

I’d heard of the violinist, Gilles Apap, before, and I’m trying to remember what it was I was considering purchasing by him. It might have been Vivaldi’s Four Seasons which, I believe, were equally … um … creative. I just never got around to it, and I did wonder if he would grow old quickly.

Does what he does work for Mozart? Well, not really (in my little opinion, of course). He’s fun, though, as well as self-indulgent. I do remember hearing entirely on-the-spot improvisations for some Mozart Piano Concerti that did work back in my Midsummer Mozart Festival days. And those made me laugh (I love the inside jokes some soloists will share with us on stage folk) and smile too. Just no eye rolling.

(I read about this and saw the link first at Alex Ross’s site.)