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As I suspected, it wasn’t the conductor. But the whole plot was so … so … operatic.

Heh. So Law & Order: Criminal Intent is on right now. It begins with an opera singer singing some of Lucia di Lammermoor (with the flute … you know the part) at rehearsal. The conductor has a fit and says some ridiculous things and storms on to the stage. Then someone tells the orchestra that their break has been shortened. The conductor (acted by Julian Sands) is so bad it’s funny. The soprano is clearly lip syncing.

These folks need a musician to help them with this stuff. Badly.

(But I’m guessing they have someone already who is pretending to know about this biz.)

Silly TV. (And yeah, I’ll keep watching. I have to find out who murdered the soprano’s daughter—she was a violinist in the pit and of course that is so darn likely too, eh—during the break. Could it be her diva mom, who clearly thought only of herself? Or the conductor who is obviously an absolute nut case? Well … with those two being obvious, it’s gotta be someone else. Right? … although they are making the conductor such a jerk who knows?)

“Laura joined the orchestra … her bowing was strong … she could break your heart.”

Yeah, that’s a quote … or close to a quote (I don’t type fast enough nor do I have a good enough memory for words to get it exactly right … from the show. Heh.

Just some other little quotes:

“Musicians and singers keep to themselves.”
“Her music was her life. Her joys, her sorrows. They were in every note she played.”
“A biography of Isaac Stern and the Musicians’ Union handbook.” (The only items in the murdered violinist’s locker. Yeah. That’s us! But, then again, the handbook has now become a clue to the murder.)

(I wish I’d recorded this one; episodes about music are pretty darn priceless!)

“Fearsome Phil” is the conductor’s name. He promised the murdered girl a “first violin” position. Yeah. They do that in union orchestras. Rigggghhhht. (I have a feeling they mean “concertmaster” too, but I can’t be sure.)

Heh … the conductor just said he could point his baton at any woman in the audience and have her. He said this to the cops. Sure. He’s rude to the investigators too. He’s dumb enough to say these things. Sure.

And why is John-Boy advertising expensive cars these days. Huh? Huh?

Sorry … this is how low I sink sometimes. Can you deal?

Stay tuned, unless you want to watch the show yourself sometime and don’t want to know who did the deed.

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Well, well, well … do the Giants deliberately lose just to make me sad? I wonder.

And I was rereading my last entry and in reading what I cut and pasted from another site …:

An Oboe has a special sound all unto it’s own that creates a feeling no other instrument can.

Heh … so not only do they write weirdly, they write poorly. C’mon folks: it’s=it is. Figure it out. It’s easy.

And yeah, I realize they aren’t saying an oboe is a form of music, but that oboe music is somehow a form of music. And I’m guessing what they are saying is really this:

Oboe is far superior to all other instruments. It can be more expressive than anything else, and yet can still be witty , fanciful, march like and, well, do anything any other instrument can do … only better! So choose a fine oboist for your next event and you will be more than happy. Your life will change. You will become whole. And you’ll understand the meaning of life.

I suppose I ought to offer my writing expertise to the company who was promoting the every-so-fab oboe!

But moving on …I have to say that playing for church today was really good for my heart.

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Another hot day in San Jose.
Too hot to think, to hot to play.
I really should attempt to wind
a reed or two. But never mind.

There. Poetry of sorts. Or not. I really need to go back to my feeble sonnet attempts. I know I’d never be good enough to be published, but I did enjoy the work.

I went through all of my poetry books yesterday. I had forgotten how many I had, how many I need to read again, and it was nice to see they don’t lose their value as much as fiction does. Not that I’ll part with any books; I get rather attached to them.

Referer Check: Someone landed here because of a search on oboe + player + salary. My answer? For now: ZILCH.


I did play at church today, and it felt so good to make some music for real live ears. Yes, I play at home just “for fun” (or practice), but it’s kind of nice to have someone listening. I guess it makes it more purposeful, and certainly, when playing at church, it becomes more meaningful.

So how have I been wasting my not-so-precious time? With the lack of work I’m watching a lot of Giants games. Unfortunately they aren’t always obliging with happy wins. What’s with that, I ask you?

Next week I believe I’ll begin the Destruction of Kelsey’s Room™. It’s time. Or past time. It’s just difficult to get up the energy to hop to it. I have wallpaper to remove, and lots of painting. I’ve never painted a ceiling before and I’m really hoping for some help (Ohhhh Daaaan!). The carpet desperately needs replacing, so I’m hoping to find some great deal. It’s a small space, so surely I can afford something … yes? And bookshelves. I need bookshelves. For lots of books, CDs and music.

If I had limitless funds I’d put in double doors … maybe pocket style … so that students could easily see into the room when they arrive for lessons. Alas, that can’t happen. So I’ll have to locate myself in a place in the room where students can manage to spot me, and I them, as they approach our front door. (My practice has been “If you see me come right on in” and I’d like to continue that. I don’t like to disrupt one lesson to open the door for the next student, and I warm up before the first student so I prefer they just come in to the room.)

Oboe: A form of music?
I ran across this paragraph at a site advertising music for events:

Oboe Music is one of the most popular forms of live music for Events. An Oboe has a special sound all unto it’s own that creates a feeling no other instrument can. A talented Oboe Player can take any style of music and give it a special twist to suit their own instrument. Keep the Champagne and Caviar flowing the night is just getting started!

So … we are a popular form of live music, eh? 🙂